Advanced Brain Monitoring Named GHP: Most Innovative Medical Device Company

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. announces its recognition as the “Most Innovative Medical Device Company” by Global Health and Pharma for its 2016 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical awards. “This award recognizes our Company’s successes in developing technologies which enable clinicians and clinical trial sponsors to profile brain health through the analysis of the brain’s electrical [...]

Drone Controlled by EEG Using B-Alert System

A team of Electrical Engineering students at the University of Washington have designed a drone that is operated by EEG signals. By measuring EEG signals using the B-Alert systems, the students were able to provide navigational guidance to the drone. For these students, this was a promising step toward the development of brain-computer interface devices, [...]

Free EEG Pocket Guide Download

EEG (Electroencephalography) Looking into EEG and how it can benefit your research? This introductory guide will provide you with everything you need to get started, and is full of useful tips and inside knowledge. Our partners at iMotions have created this easy-to-read guide that includes: The basics of the brain Tips on how to collect [...]

Getting The Right Doze

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Tapping brainwaves to measure business sense

Empathy is not an emotion that’s often discussed in business school textbooks. But neuroscientist Chris Berka believes that, properly measured, it can make a management team far better and much more creative. Berka came up with this conclusion after monitoring a group of MBA students as they worked on a case study at the ESADE [...]

Brain Monitoring Tech Used in Deadly Force Training

Maintaining pose and composure during decision making in high-stress law enforcement situations is critical to the well-being of our service men and everyday citizens. Here, NBC News profiles recently validated findings about the ideal psychophysiology in Deadly Force Decision Making Judgment encounters. The full publication is available through Advanced Brain Monitoring upon request.