B-Alert X24 optimizes DARPA threat detection system by bridging brain and computers

When DARPA required a portable, wireless, easy-to-use and comfortable-for-hours EEG system suitable for real-time single-trial ERP detection, B-Alert X24 was designed for the CT2WS and Neurotechnology for Intelligence Analysts (NIA) programs. Dr. Deepak Khosla and his team at HRL integrated the X24 into their closed-loop platform for enhanced threat detection. This represents one of ABM's [...]

Interactive Neuro-Educational Technologies (I-NET): Enhanced Training of Threat Detection for Airport Luggage Screeners.

Abstract: Interactive Neuro-Educational Technologies (I-NET) are designed to increase the pace and efficiency of skill learning by adapting training environments to the skill levels and needs of the individuals. Advanced Brain Monitoring (ABM) explored the feasibility of integrating physiological measures into an interactive adaptive computer-based training system to facilitate mitigations, accelerate skill acquisition and provide [...]

Enhancing Text-Based Analysis Using Neurophysiological Measures.

Abstract: Intelligence analysts are faced with the demanding task of identifying patterns in large volumes of complex, textual sources and predicting possible outcomes based on perceived patterns. To address this need, the Advanced Neurophysiology for Intelligence Text Analysis (ANITA) system is being developed to provide a real-time analysis system using EEG to monitor analysts’ processing [...]

Biomarkers for Effects of Fatigue and Stress on Performance: EEG, P300 and Heart Rate Variability.

Abstract: The increasing demands of the global economy for 24-hour, 7-day operations is affecting the health and performance of workers worldwide. The deleterious effects of chronic sleep deprivation and associated stress have potentially dangerous and expensive consequences as a result of impaired alertness, attention, memory and decision-making for individuals at work, at home and on [...]