Each of the B-Alert wireless EEG systems deliver the same high-quality EEG and physiological signals as their Stat X-Series counterparts but are intended and labeled for non-medical use (please see the guidance below). The portable, easy-to-use, and comfortable-for-hours designs allow mobility during recordings as well as elimination of the signal artifacts typically worsened by the wires of traditional systems.

The high-quality signals enable Power Spectral Density (PSD), validated Cognitive State Metrics1, and Cognitive Workload Metric2 computations in real-time or during offline analyses, as well as event-locked for single-trial or averaged Event-Related Potential (ERP) analyses. The included X-Series Basic software features user-friendly tools for checking connection quality at each sensor site, viewing raw EEG data in real-time, inserting time-stamped annotations, and integrating with tools provided by the Software Developers’ Kit (SDK). Usability and performance enhancements are available through optional software upgrades such as B-Alert Live, B-Alert Lab, or any one of the B-Alert Integrations for specific applications.

Achieve new levels of mobility in your research acquisitions by using the Android tablet version of the B-Alert acquisition software. All the core functionality and recording capabilities have been ported into an intuitive touch screen interface emphasizing simplicity.

B-Alert X24

Across applications such as developing EEG-based biomarkers and neurorehabilitation, B-Alert X24 offers a unique combination of power, flexibility, and comfort.

B-Alert X24 Details
B-Alert X24 Integration with NeuroGuide

B-Alert X10

As the premiere solution for BCI and consumer neuroscience studies, B-Alert X10 delivers several validated EEG-based Metrics and automated analysis tools to balance functionality with simplicity.

B-Alert X10 Details
B-Alert X10 Integration for Market Research
B-Alert X10 Integration with Acqknowledge

B-Alert X4

For first-time and experienced EEG researchers alike, B-Alert X4 is a practical solution for quickly implementing psychophysiological assessment to real-world studies.

B-Alert X4 Details

1 Johnson, R. R., D. P. Popovic, et al. (2011). Drowsiness/alertness algorithm development and validation using synchronized EEG and cognitive performance to individualize a generalized model. Biol Psychol 87(2): 241-250

2Berka, C., D. Levendowski, et al. (2007). "EEG Correlates of Task Engagement and Mental Workload in Vigilance, Learning and Memory Tasks." Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 78(5): B231- B244

NOTICE: The B-Alert wireless EEG systems are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of patients. They are intended for non-medical applications (e.g., human factors, ergonomics, neurogaming, neuromarketing, neuroleadership, team neurodynamics, brain computer interfaces, etc.) and IRB-approved human subject research.