Team NeuroDynamics: New Applications Resulting in Novel EEG-based Metrics

Advanced Brain Monitoring’s Team NeuroDynamics mobile EEG platform for studying social interactions is enabling researchers around the globe to develop new understanding of human interaction. By synchronizing the data acquired across two or more B-Alert wireless EEG systems and applying innovative analysis methods, Team NeuroDynamics now makes it possible to add objective psychophysiological data to studies in sociology, psychology, sports, and even business.


The US Navy relies upon the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop methods for making teaching and training more efficient. Recently, ONR conducted a study applying Team NeuroDynamics to assess when tutors and their students are in the optimal learning dynamic. Using a computer based visuospatial task that requires students to learn from the expertise of their trainer, the study assessed EEG correlations between teacher and student explaining 35% of “max scores” achieved.

Assessing Neural Synchrony in Tutoring Dyads (In Press)

DARPA’s Narrative Networks Program

When people of different cultures meet, the power of narrative story telling often helps strangers overcome cultural boundaries and better understand each other. A recent study supported by DARPA enabled the ABM research team to develop a new EEG-based metric for Empathy. This new analysis tool can be used by others to predict how individual subjects will respond to the content of a story.

EEB-based Classification of Positive and Negative Affective States

The Neuroscience of Leadership Project

An consortium of business and neuroscience researchers from around the world collaborated in a project entitled “The Neuroscience of Leadership,” and found that EEG-based measures can be used to identify emergent leadership within groups or teams. The preliminary findings from this study received the Best Paper Award at the recent Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (#1 in the Financial Times “Top 45”). The Team NeuroDynamics platform served to synchronize the EEG data of team members, as well as media and other biometrics applied within the testbed.

Emergent Leadership and Team Engagement