The Adaptive Peak Performance Trainer’s validation is published in The International Journal of Sports & Society

ABM’s newest technology’s ability improved marksmanship skill acquisition by 230% in a single use is now being applied to golf and archery as well.

The ABM research team has continued to break new ground in developing technologies proven to accelerate subject learning in simulation, training and the real world.

Specifically, applications utilizing the Interactive Neuro-Educational Technology (I-NET) are designed to increase the pace and efficiency of learning by modeling psychophysiological characteristics of expertise and developing sensor-based feedback to accelerate novice-to-expert transition. Here the article explains how a Pre-Shot Peak Performance (PSPP) profile was identified in experts in marksmanship, archery and golf to provide the basis for real-time feedback to trainees. The PSPP is characterized by an increase in electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency bands of theta (3-7 Hz) and alpha (8-12 Hz), and a local change in heart rate in the seconds leading up to the shot/putt. The PSPP profile of expertise was then incorporated into ABM’s Adaptive Peak Performance Trainer (APPT). The APPT integrates real-time analysis of EEG and heart rate to provide automated feedback of trainees’ psychophysiological state (in relation to the psychophysiological profile of expertise). Preliminary data indicate that marksmanship learning trajectories improve significantly when novices train with the APPT as compared to controls.