B-Alert X-Series with Attention Tool

B-Alert X-Series with Attention Tool 2019-07-10T15:39:57-07:00

Project Description

Advanced Analytics for Market and Usability Research

Available through: iMotions Global, Inc.

The Attention Tool stimulus presentation software from iMotions Global is used by market researchers and media usability designers. Attention Tool synchronizes remote & mobile eye-tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR sensors, surveys, and video-based measures all with the high definition EEG obtained with B-Alert headsets as well as the highly validated Cognitive State and Cognitive Workload Metrics.

The B-Alert wireless EEG system allows access to multiple data streams including raw EEG data and Cognitive and Emotional State Metrics. Using frequency band or event-related potential analyses, the validated Metrics measure emotion, memory, and attention synchronized with eye movements or pupillometry. The Automatic Decontamination algorithms ensure EEG data is usable when collected in real-world environments where subjects exhibit uninhibited, natural behavior.

Please inquire to find out more about the B-Alert integration with Attention Tool.


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