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B-Alert Fuse EEG Software

B-Alert Fuse

B-AlertFuse is a platform independent, highly interactive software with a touchscreen GUI and rich library of multimedia components to enable precision synchronizations. The library enables complex data streams from customized layouts to be processed and presented for real-time meaningful interpretations. This serves as a basis to rapidly prototype and evaluate novel algorithms and to streamline the development of new cognitive/affective metric gauges.

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Key Features

  • Synchronize Custom Multimedia Stimuli & Data from Peripherals
  • Ideal for Multi-Subject Interaction Testbeds
  • Real-time Acquisition & Closed Loop Device Control
  • Custom Configurable Layouts with Touchscreen Control

Team NeuroDynamics Logo
Team Neurodynamics - students participating in brain research study

Signature Application of B-Alert Fuse Featured in Chris Berka’s recent TED Talk

The Team NeuroDynamics platform provides the capability to acquire highly synchronized EEG during simultaneous acquisition from up to six users.

Over the past 5 years, the Team NeuroDynamics platform has facilitated precision synchronization of EEG and other data streams including media on over 100 teams and 500+ subjects. Built on the foundation of the B-Alert Cognitive State Metrics for individual Engagement and Workload levels, the Team NeuroDynamics platform provides valuable insight as to why some teams succeed while others do not. Team leaders, coaches, and instructors can access and develop cognitive state metrics that characterize team interaction to predict team efficiency, identify weaknesses in either the team or scenario and track team improvements over time. Researchers of any specialty interested in studying human interactions now have a unique method for incorporating cognition measures within their data.

As an example of one recent Team NeuroDynamics application, researchers from several business school worldwide collaborated together to initiate The Neuroscience of Leadership Project. The first video below is an introductory news story to how the project developed and the researchers sought to understand the development of transformational leadership during ethical-decision making exercises group exercises. At the conclusion of principal acquisitions, research contributors from The Neuroscience of Leadership Project presented on how assessing team cognition may lead to a better understanding of leadership.