B-Alert Live Software Release

B-Alert Live Software

For questions please contact support@b-alert.com

* Output files will be disabled if SetDestinationFile API is not called from the SDK.
* Definition file creation now accommodates repeated individual benchmark tasks in separate eeg sessions if both sessions contain the same subject numbering and are located in the same data folder.
* Software execution no longer requires windows administrative privileges. Software installation still requires windows administrative privileges.
* Additional message is displayed when user attempts to close B-Alert GUI ensuring that user intended to perform the action.
* Optional command line argument added when calling benchmark session to designate primary or secondary monitor. Primary monitor is default.
* Removed Java 7 dependency.
* Added support for non-English regions set in Windows.

* All configuration files are under version control
* EDF and EBS file headers contain the following data: Headset information, Receiver information, Software Version, Session Unique ID
* Software is backward compatible with legacy files, including AMP files.

* Benchmark session will only terminate if acquisition has terminated for 60 seconds. Error callback mechanism from Athena.dll informs software of EEG status.
* GUI error messages in benchmarking are replicated as callbacks when function called standalone from SDK. (i.e. Failure to create session folder, Failure to read project/task file, Port not available)
* 60-second quality check disabled for short benchmark task battery. Added Yes/No option to continue if quality check fails.
* Removed instructions informing participants of the ability to pause the task battery.
* Task failure occurs if warning gong is played three times.
* Separated raw and decon EEG data into separate EDF files. (Signals.Raw.EDF and Signals.Decon.EDF)
* Output files now contain date and timestamp in name in addition to 9-digit session number. Added new filename API to obtain date and timestamp.
* Licensing folder moved into B-Alert to remove conflict with other ABM software.
* Improved uninstall with through clean-up of files
* Removed check for definition file in realtime playback in raw acquisition mode.
* Impedance.dll stop command API modified to wait until the stop thread is complete before returning with final status.
* Athena.dll determines if zscore data is requested to determine which actions/outputs are invoked.
* Analysis now ignores session length field in header similar to Polyman.

* Decoupled ZScore from results of SetDestinationFile API
* Larger missed blocks are accommodated during acquisition. Software will wait for 10 seconds of missed blocks before the warning message is presented that no data is arriving.
* Improved benchmark robustness when user performs unexpected actions (holding down keys)
* Fixed issue with invalid EEG packets found in .bin output file
* Fixed issue with set destination “empty” in SDK
* Fixed gauges failing to initialize issue

Software is not compatible yet with the latest installation of SiLabs drivers. Please use the driver included in the installation.