B-Alert X-Series with BCI2000

B-Alert X-Series with BCI2000 2017-11-15T12:06:11-08:00

Project Description

Brain Communication to Computers

Available for free through: The Schalk Lab at Wadsworth Center

Patients suffering from locked-in syndrome require EEG systems that are easy-to-apply and highly accurate so that the brain’s signals can be used to control computers, wheelchairs or robotics. The B-Alert mobile EEG Systems are fully integrated with the Wadsworth BCI2000 software to enable real-time measurement of event-related potentials needed for brain-computer interface applications. With over 2700 installations worldwide, BCI2000 is considered a well-tested and reliable tool for diverse areas of real-time biosignal processing.

Please inquire to find out more about the B-Alert wireless EEG systems for use in BCI research.

In this movie, a person with spinal cord injury utilizes BCI2000 combined with a traditional wired EEG system so that scalp-recorded sensorimotor rhythms control a computer cursor in one dimension. The user’s task is to hit a target that appears at one of six possible locations.

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