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fNEI (Functional Neuro-Electrophysiological Imaging) is the simultaneous measurement of the brain’s electrical activity (EEG) and neurocognitive performance using a configurable test battery of neuropsychology tasks designed to activate and assess the brain networks underlying attention, executive function and memory.

fNEI enables selection of standard neuropsychology tasks or presentation of custom tasks. Performance metrics include reaction time and accurate (correct, incorrect or missed) selection of primary and/or interference stimuli, or maximum memory recall. Time locked EEG enables analyses of performance related event related potentials (ERP), and EEG band event-related synchronization/desynchronization

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Standard tasks include:

  • Eyes closed
  • Eyes Open and Eyes Closed
  • 3-Choice Vigilance Task
  • Standard Image Recognition
  • Forward & Back-ward Digit Span
  • Verbal PAL and Memory Scan

Woman wearing mobile eeg headset and performing brain wave study using AMP eeg software