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LabX (formally called B-Alert Lab) is a highly flexible and comprehensive software suite of analysis tools. With a look and feel inspired by MATLAB, this easy-to-use scripting interface and GUI provides efficient means for assessing techniques throughout various forms of EEG analyses. This offline analysis platform supports multi-file batch processing and analysis of 3rd party EDF-formatted files. LabX was recently updated and now features the following commands:

  • Empathy Metrics
  • Frontal Asymmetry Analysis (motivation)
  • Affective State Classifier (X24 only)
  • EEGLab File Conversion
  • F-Measure
  • Export Errors

Inquire here for more information and pricing on the B-Alert software and systems.

Key Features

  • Custom scripting interface
  • Library of Analysis Commands Developed by ABM Research Team
  • Multi-File Batch Processing
  • Advanced Event Related Analyses
  • Support for EIR and FADA

LabX Offers Three Distinct EEG Analysis Approaches

B-Alert Lab EEG Software Gauges

Epoch by Epoch Over Time

Epoch lengths ranging from 0.5 sec to several minutes

Power Spectral Densities

  • 1-40 Hz, Relative or Absolute
  • Custom bins or bands

Traditional Bands

  • Delta (1-3)
  • Theta (3-7)
  • Alpha (8-13)
  • Beta (13-30)
  • Gamma (25-40)


  • Topographic Mapping frontal, central, parietal, left, midline, right

B-Alert Engagement Metrics*

B-Alert Cognitive Workload Metric*

Heart Rate, HRV

  • Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance

*Metrics require one-time benchmark session for individualization.

Evoked Response Potential ERP Graph

Event Locked

Events can be external stimuli, responses, or biological

Pre- and Post-Event Analyses


  • Averaged over trials
  • Averaged over sites for single-trial ERPs
  • Enables regional comparisons
  • Measurement tools for amplitude latency area-under-the-curve


  • ERD / ERS
  • Event related B-Alert Metrics

B-AlertLab with Neuroguide Brain Imaging


Resting State Brain Connectivity Analyses & Imaging

  • EEG Coherence & phase-related analyses
  • Compute amplitude asymmetry
  • Real-time 3-Dimensional source & network dynamics
  • Brodmann Areas: source correlations, coherence, and phase differences
  • Adaptive neurofeedback: Z-Score and LORETA Z-Score

*Requires Installation of NeuroGuide

Learn more about NeuroGuide Integration