B-Alert X24 with NeuroGuide

B-Alert X24 with NeuroGuide 2017-11-15T12:06:11-08:00

Project Description

Resting State Brain Connectivity Analyses & Imaging

Partner: Applied Neuroscience, Inc.

With just 5 minutes of resting EEG data from the B-Alert X24 wireless EEG system, NeuroGuide provides a comprehensive map detailing the functional connectivity across Brodmann areas with reference to its industry leading normative database. Detailed reports present quantitative and high-resolution brain images with meaningful assessments.

Please inquire to learn more about how this unique integration platform can be used across research and clinical settings.

X24 Neuroguide Brain Imaging

Excerpt Images from NeuroGuide Report with Analyses of an Alzheimer’s Disease Subject.

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