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Mobile EEG Application


A growing body of evidence suggests that EEG analyses, including both resting state and event-related stimulation protocols, may be useful in the development of Biomarkers for a number of neurological disorders and abnormalities.

The B-Alert mobile EEG systems and analysis softwares are available to serve as a platform for innovating new EEG-based biomarkers. Below are introductions to recent examples, but please Inquire here for more detailed information.

Development of EEG Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

The Advanced Brain Monitoring research team is partnering with Biogen Idec in working towards development of EEG-based biomarkers using the B-Alert X24. This poster highlighting preliminary findings was presented at The GTC Biomarker Summit 2014 held March 19-21 in San Diego, CA.

EEG-Based Biomarkers for HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND)

Dr. Thomas Marcotte with UCSD’s HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program used the B-Alert systems and the Alertness and Memory Profiler (AMP) to characterize neurocognitive decline in HIV patients. AMP-based EEG metrics were also shown to generalize in predicting performance driving errors on the road for HIV patients and healthy controls. Poster and publication are available upon request.

Identify Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Distress

As part of a DARPA funded project to detect and analyze psychological signals, the Advanced Brain Monitoring research team developed a customized, autobiographical stress elicitation tool. B-Alert X24 was applied to collect neurophysiological data from healthy and PTSD-diagnosed subjects under stress, and provided the basis for significant early findings.