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Mobile EEG Application

Consumer Neuroscience

Market researchers require verifiable, accurate, and consistent biometric signals to ensure valid interpretation of their target audience’s responses. In addition to being mobile, ease-to-use, and comfortable for hours, B-Alert EEG technologies have an established track record for high quality, reliable signals. Combined with the suite of validated metrics and analysis tools, they provide a means for obtaining authentic insights into consumer decision making.

Inquire here for more information on how these techniques can be applied in your research.

iMotions Global Attention Tool Software Integration

The Attention Tool stimulus presentation software allows for the synchronization of remote and mobile eye tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR sensors, surveys, and video based measures: all with the high-quality EEG signals that the B-Alert headsets provide. Inquire through our partners at iMotions Global, Inc. for more information.

Extensive Eyetracking Integrations Available

EEG and cognitive data provide the most value when reported within the context of specific stimuli or other environmental factors. To aid in obtaining this meaningful context, B-Alert mobile EEG systems have several methods for accurately synchronizing the data from a wide range of eye tracking manufacturer worldwide. Please inquire to ask about integrations with your equipment.

B-Alert EEG-based Metrics: Cognitive State & Cognitive Workload

Engagement and attention are prerequisites for influencing behavior and decision-making. After successfully capturing your audience’s attention, cognitive workload measures can help predict and prevent confusion, boredom, and frustration. The B-Alert EEG-based Metrics provide objective, in-the-moment insights as to why people make the selections they do.