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The Stat X-Series mobile EEG systems offer healthcare professionals cost-effective and practical solutions for on-call and portable EEG in minutes. The headset design eliminates all wires to enable mobility during recordings, while also minimizing the artifacts and noise typically associated with traditional, wired EEG systems. Standard software and SDK are included to enable the development of applications with the potential to add diagnostic or treatment value.

Stat X-Series Systems share:

  • Easy-to-use, lightweight, and comfortable design
  • Rapid, efficient set-up and cleaning
  • Up to 20-meter wireless transmission
  • Real-time signal quality monitoring
  • Saves data in EDF format for universal compatibility
  • SDK integration across 3rd party industry software

EEG Characteristics:

  • Referential with linked mastoids
  • Sampling Rate: 256 samples per second
  • Bandpass: 0.1 Hz HPF and 100 Hz LPF
  • Dynamic range: Fixed gain + 1,000µV
  • Resolultion: 16 bit, CMRR 105 dB
  • Noise: ~2-3 µV p-p @ 10 Hz and 50 kΩ impedance

The Stat X-Series System(s) is intend for prescription use in the home, healthcare facility, or clinical research environment to acquire, transmit, display and store physiological signals from patients ages 6 and older. The Stat X-Series system requires operation by a trained technician. The Stat X-Series System acquires, transmits, displays and stores electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculogram (EOG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and/or electromyogram (EMG), and accelerometer signals. The Stat X-Series system only acquires and displays physiological signals, no claims are being made for analysis of the acquired signals with respect to the analyses’ accuracy, precision, and reliability.

  • Features sensor strips with two options:
    • Standard International10-20 System plus POz
    • Visual Region with emphasis on parietal-occipital sites
  • Provides files viewable in Persyst® and other recognized software
  • Performs full functionality within NeuroGuide® software

Stat X24 EEG System Electrode montage and man and woman wearing mobile eeg headsets

  • Assesses regional brain activity with general purpose montage
  • Applies rapidly in any clinical environment
  • Facilitates neurophysiological evaluations in the home

Stat X10 EEG System Electrode montage and woman and child wearing mobile eeg headsets

Stat X-Series Clinical Applications

The Stat X-Series Systems are medical devices cleared for wireless acquisition of EEG, EOG, ECG, and EMG signals. Those interested in developing non-medical EEG applications should consider the B-Alert research EEG systems and their suite of related software.