Sleep Profiler Automated Sleep Staging compared to Manual Scoring

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The objective of this study was to investigate the accuracy of an automated sleep-staging algorithm that is based on a single bipolar EEG signal. Three raters each manually scored the polysomnographic records from 44 patients referred for sleep evaluation. The mean positive percent agreement across subjects and stages was 72.6%, approximately 80% for stages wake (78.3%), N2 (80.9%) and N3 (78.1%), decreased slightly to 73.2% for REM, and dropped to 31.9% for N1. This study demonstrated that automated scoring of sleep obtained from a single-channel of forehead EEG results in agreement to majority manual scoring similar to that obtained from studies of manual inter-rater agreement. The benefit in assessing auto-staging accuracy with consensus agreement across multiple raters is most apparent in patients with OSA, and limited disagreements in patients on medications and those with compromised signal quality.