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Team NeuroDynamics

The Team NeuroDynamics platform provides biometric measures that reveal the underlying reasons as to why teams, groups, or individuals within them perform the way they do. The synchronization of up to six B-Alert mobile EEG systems delivers quantitative, real-time and objective psychophysiological metrics for understanding social interactions and team metacognitve states.

Team NeuroDyanmics has recently been applied to predict the development of emergent leadership and assess the efficacy of player/coach relationships – as highlighted below. With new applications always in development, Inquire here to discuss your proposals and ideas.

Emergent Leadership and Team Engagement: An Application of Neuroscience Technology and Methods

David Waldman (Arizona State University) and the Advanced Brain Monitoring research team demonstrate the B-Alert Cognitive State Metrics accurately predicting emergent leaders within groups, as confirmed by independent survey post-hoc. These findings were awarded the Best Paper Proceedings for the 2013 Academy of Management Meeting (#1 in the Financial Times 45)..

Assessing Neural Synchrony in Tutoring Dyads

Published in the Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence, this article by Advanced Brain Monitoring’s research team examines psychophysiological metrics across player and coach dyads during a spatial reasoning game. Results showed that physiological metrics explained 35% of max scores obtained, and that player and coach data become more synchronized over time.