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Each of the B-Alert wireless EEG systems deliver the same high-quality EEG and physiological signals as their Stat X-Series counterparts, but are labeled for non-medical use. The portable, easy-to-use, and comfortable-for-hours designs allow mobility during recordings and reduces signal artifacts commonly seen with traditional wired systems of the signal artifacts typically worsened by the wires of traditional systems.

The high-quality signals enable Power Spectral Density (PSD), validated Cognitive State Metrics1, and Cognitive Workload Metric2 computations in real-time (during offline analyses) as well as event-locked for single-trial or averaged Event-Related Potential (ERP) analyses. The included X-Series software features user-friendly tools for checking connection quality at each sensor site, viewing raw EEG data in real-time, inserting time-stamped annotations, and integrating with tools provided by the Software Developers’ Kit (SDK). Usability and performance enhancements are available through optional software upgrades such as B-Alert Live, Lab-X, or any one of the B-Alert Integrations for specific applications.

B-Alert X24 Wireless EEG Headset

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B-Alert X24

Across applications such as developing EEG-based biomarkers and neurorehabilitation, the B-Alert X24 offers a unique combination of power, flexibility, and comfort.

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B-Alert X10 Wireless EEG Headset

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B-Alert X10

As the premiere solution for BCI and consumer neuroscience studies, the B-Alert X10 delivers several validated EEG-based Metrics and automated analysis tools to balance functionality with simplicity.

B-Alert X10 Details

1 Johnson, R. R., D. P. Popovic, et al. (2011). Drowsiness/alertness algorithm development and validation using synchronized EEG and cognitive performance to individualize a generalized model. Biol Psychol 87(2): 241-250

2Berka, C., D. Levendowski, et al. (2007). “EEG Correlates of Task Engagement and Mental Workload in Vigilance, Learning and Memory Tasks.” Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 78(5): B231- B244

Disclaimer –The B-Alert wireless EEG systems are not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of patients. They are intended only for use in non-clinical research. For medical and clinical research EEG applications, please use the Stat X-Series Systems, which use the same EEG technology and provides labeling for prescription use in the home, healthcare facility, or clinical research environment to acquire, transmit, display and store physiological signals from patients ages 6 and older. The Stat X-Series system requires operation by a trained technician. The Stat X-Series System acquires, transmits, displays and stores electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculogramn (EOG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and/or electromyogram (EMG), and accelerometer signals. The Stat X-Series System only acquires and displays physiological signals, no claims are being made for analysis of the acquired signals with respect to the accuracy, precision and reliability.