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We are Advanced Brain Monitoring, and over the past 25 years, our team has challenged conventional thinking by developing innovative medical devices that provide a superior patient experience, lower healthcare costs, and improved quality of care.

Our research has included over 10,000 participants with funding provided by the National Institute of Health, Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), other government agencies, and clinical trials sponsors.

Among our achievements:
Our medical devices have been used on over
1.6 million patients world-wide
We have been awarded over 40 research grants totaling
over $40mm
Our clinical studies have resulted in
over 125 scientific publications

Meet Our Team

Chris Berka


Chris Berka, CEO and Co-Founder of Advanced Brain Monitoring. She is co-inventor of more than 20 patented and secured over $40 million in government research grants to help fund ABM’s product development. She is an experienced neuroscientist with over 100 publications, established the Company’s Clinical Trials business unit, and leads the research team in projects designed to advance the design, implementation, and validation of novel EEG-based approaches for assessment of neural activity. She received her B.A. with distinction in Psychology/Biology at Ohio State University and completed graduate studies in Neuroscience at UCSD.

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Philip Westbrook, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Philip Westbrook joinedAdvanced Brain Monitoring as its Chief Medical Officer in 2001. Dr. Westbrook is the recipient of the 2009 NationalSleep Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award and was acknowledged by the AmericanSleep Disorders Association with its Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Westbrook was editor-in-chief of the Sleep Medicine Review and an editor for the scientific journal SLEEP. He is an emeritus faculty member of the Mayo MedicalSchool and the UCLA School of Medicine.

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Gina McNamara

VP, Administration

Gina McNamara works closely with staff to provide focus, support and analysis in the implementation of the Company’s government funded grant research and in the execution and implementation of its Clinical Trials business Unit. A long-time Californian, Gina holds a B.S. in Business Administration-Finance from San Diego State University.

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Natasha Kovacevic

Senior Scientist

Natasha is a leading developer of EEG biomarkers at ABM. She has a PhD in Mathematics from Caltech and has built her career as a Computational Neuroscientist with a focus on neuroimaging and data-drive methods. She served as a Program Manager for the Centre of Integrative Brain Dynamics at the Rotman Research institute, where she led the development of multi-modal data pipeline and pioneered novel measures of brain signal variability and complexity. Natasha has authored / co-authored 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Her work with xSensa Labs provided her with experience in product development, user experience design and commercialization in the digital mental health industry.

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Amy Matthews

Director of Product Development

Amy Matthews is ABM’s Director of Product Development. She manages Sleep & Respiratory product development projects and the Client Support group. Amy is committed to improving sleep by continuously improving ABM’s sleep devices and support services. Amy has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Away from work, Amy loves exploring San Diego’s deserts, mountains, and beaches and values the great sleep she gets every night!

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Daniel Levendowski


Dan Levendowski is a Co-Founder and the President of Advanced Brain Monitoring. He has over 30 years of experience commercializing new technologies. He is co-inventor of 24 patented and 53 patent-pending technologies. His main focus is in the scientific validation and commercial development of the sleep medicine product portfolio. He served as principal investigator for grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health, that totaled more than $8 million of research funds to ABM. Early in his career, he has served as a Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded company. Dan earned a B.S. from University of the Pacific and a MBA from the Andersen School at UCLA.

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Gene Davis

VP of Manufacturing

Mr. Davis joined the ABM team in 1999 and his expertise has grown with the company in his roles across the design, development and launch of nearly a dozen medical devices. He has been a key contributor to multiple peer-reviewed publications appearing in international accredited journals with multiple patents awarded.

Gene supervises the approval, and compliance of several active medical devices across international regulatory agencies while delivering end-user ready technologies throughout the world.

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Eric Trautt

Director of U.S. Clinical Sales

Eric Trautt joined ABM in 2013 and has played an integral role in developing and expanding the clinical adoption of ABM's novel sleep medicine diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. He has directly assisted hundreds of clinical practitioners, research groups, and patients in the use of our products for better quality sleep. Eric holds a BS degree in Business Administration from CSU San Marcos. As a lifelong resident of California, Eric is an avid fisherman, outdoorsman, and family man who knows the benefits of positional sleep therapy firsthand.

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Amir Meghdadi

Director of Research

Amir received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada and worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at the UCSB. Amir and his team at ABM work on multiple grants and research projects developing EEG-based biomarkers associated with central nervous system disorders such as neurodegenerative diseases or mood disorders. With a background in signal processing and human computer interaction, Amir is passionate about using quantitative neurophysiological and behavioral measures to study human brain.

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Dan Horton


Daniel Horton has been a cornerstone of Advanced Brain monitoring's finance team since 2015, bringing unparalleled expertise and adaptability to ensure the department's integrity, efficiency, and reliability. Outside the office, Daniel's passions are as diverse as his skills in accounting; he is an avid basketball player, finds peace in the meticulous care of his garden, and has recently taken up beekeeping, embracing the delicate balance of nature with enthusiasm. Daniel's unique blend of professional diligence and personal hobbies enriches our team's dynamic, showcasing a remarkable balance of dedication and leisure that inspires us all.

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