Mobile, scalable EEG systems are transforming the measurement of consumer responses to products, packaging, design, price and promotion with neural metrics proving more accurate than traditional survey responses in predicting purchasing decisions.

Market researchers require verifiable, accurate, and consistent biometric signals to ensure valid interpretation of their target audience’s responses. In addition to being mobile, easy-to-use, and comfortable for hours, B-Alert EEG technologies have an established track record for high quality, reliable signals. Combined with the suite of validated metrics and analysis tools, they provide a means for obtaining authentic insights into consumer decision making.

B-Alert Integration Partners

Advanced Analytics for Market and Usability Research

The B-Alert wireless EEG system allows access to multiple data streams including raw EEG data and Cognitive and Emotional State Metrics. The validated Metrics measure emotion, memory, and attention synchronized with eye movements or pupillometry. The Automatic Decontamination algorithms ensure EEG data is usable when collected in real-world environments where subjects exhibit uninhibited, natural behavior.

Attention Tool by iMotions synchronizes remote & mobile eye-tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR sensors, surveys, and video based measures all with EEG obtained with our B-Alert headsets and validated Cognitive State and Cognitive Workload Metrics.

Neurons Inc is an applied science company that uses our B-Alert headsets to measure, understand and affect human decision making.

Measure physiology anywhere, anytime, with integrated B-Alert plus BIOPAC’s data acquisition and analysis hardware and software solutions. With a full line of wired, wireless, real-world, in virtual reality, or in the MRI environment, BIOPAC instrumentation is used in 99% of the world’s universities for meaningful scientific discovery.

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