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A growing body of evidence suggests that EEG analyses, including both resting state and event-related stimulation protocols, may be useful in the development of Biomarkers for a number of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Exploratory resting state and event related EEG biomarkers for MCI. Cross-sectional comparisons resting state EEG/fMRI/PET biomarkers for AD & MCI. Cross-sectional comparisons resting state EEG/fMRI/PET biomarkers for PD. Exploratory resting state EEG biomarkers for FTD behavioral and aphasia variants. Evaluation of investigational therapy using resting state EEG biomarker. Evaluation of investigational therapy using event related EEG biomarker


Brain-Computer Interface

With B-Alert BCI development tools, developers are provided rapid prototyping tools to fit the right approach with the right task. Within clinical environments, the results are recovery of lost function and accelerated healing. In other applications, BCIs facilitate more efficient interactions between man and machine.


Team Neurodynamics

The Team NeuroDynamics platform provides biometric measures that reveal the underlying reasons as to why teams, groups, or individuals within them perform the way they do. The synchronization of up to six B-Alert mobile EEG systems delivers quantitative, real-time and objective psychophysiological metrics for understanding social interactions and team metacognitve states.

Human Performance Enhancement

The ‘mental game’ of sports, performance, and learning reaches new levels through EEG-based brain mapping techniques. By understanding the biological differences between expert and novice cognitive states during performance, teachers can teach better and students can learn faster.


Market researchers require verifiable, accurate, and consistent biometric signals to ensure valid interpretation of their target audience’s responses. In addition to being mobile, ease-to-use, and comfortable for hours, B-Alert EEG technologies have an established track record for high quality, reliable signals. Combined with the suite of validated metrics and analysis tools, they provide a means for obtaining authentic insights into consumer decision making.

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