Wireless, easy-to-use, comfortable
EEG Headsets & Software.

Advanced Brain Monitoring’s wireless B-Alert systems expands the horizon for operational neuroscience applications and cognitive state/human factors assessments. The simplicity, ease of use, comfort and wearability of its systems allow high quality data to be acquired in real or virtual environments by personnel with limited technical training.

ABM’s products provide the flexibility to determine where sensors need to be placed to optimize cognition detection and then downsize to a truly mobile acquisition system with real-time processing and feedback.


9 channels of high-quality EEG plus one optional ECG, EOG, EMG, ECG channel
20 channels of high-quality EEG plus one optional ECG, EOG, EMG, ECG channel
    • Easy to use, lightweight and comfortable design, ideal formedical use
    • Rapid, efficient set-up and removal
    • Up to 10-meter wireless transmission
    • Dependable Bluetooth wireless encoding
    • 12+ hour rechargeable battery life
    • On-board accelerometer to quantify head movement and position
    • Saves data in EDF format
    • SDK integration across 3rd party industry software
    • Acquisition software operates on Windows computer or desktop
    • Flexible training options
    • Sizing options to fit children as young as 6 through adults



    B-Alert Essentials

    B-Alert Live

    Data Management

    Real-Time Features

    Signal Acquisition

    • Artifact Detection and
    • Cognitive State and
      Workload Metrics
    • Video Recording

    Remote Monitor

    Benchmark Tasks

    Impedance Monitoring

    Offline Features

    Offline Viewer

    Offline Analysis calculations:

    • Affective State
    • Engagement and Workload
    • Frontal Asymmetry
    • Mu Suppression
    • Artifact detection
    • Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability

    Export ABM Format

    Access to SDK

    Partial (raw
    & impedance
    checks only

    Full access

    B-Alert Essential

    Each B-Alert Mobile system comes with Essential acquisition software that includes:

    • Acquisition, storage and display of raw data signals
    • Impedance checks on demand
    • Capability for manual event marking and annotation of files
    • Integration with third party event markers
    • Files saved in European Data Format (EDF)
    • Partial SDK support to facilitate programming access to raw signal acquisition, impedance checks, and event synchronization.
    • Visualization & Presentation GUI

    B-Alert Live

    Upgrade to Live for improved functionality

    • All features included with B-Alert Essential
    • Automatic Signal Decontamination (EMG, EOG, spikes, Saturations, and excursions) in addition to raw data
    • Real-time Cognitive State Metrics for measuring subject's engagement & drowsiness levels
    • Real-time Cognitive Workload Metric for measuring subject's mental effort
    • Data quality assessment including identification of artifacts
    • Integration APIs for Auto-Decon & All Metrics
    • For ERP-related applications on LE devices only, 3rd party events will be passed through utilizing high precision PC time for timestamping
    • Export ABM Format allows user to create EEGLAB compatible Events Files
    • Supports MP4 video recording/remote video monitoring
    • Automated delivery of Eyes Open, Eyes Closed, and Choice Vigilance tasks( used for tailoring personalized Cognitive State and Workload metrics)
    • Offline Analysis algorithms such as Affective State, Engagement and Workload, Frontal Asymmetry, Mu Suppression, Artifact detection, and Heart Rate / Heart Rate Variability

    Upgrade to Live

    Live software combines real-time and off-line processing along with analytical tools. The real-time graphical user interface displays Cognitive State and Workload metric gauges over time and EEG heat maps for data visualization. Raw, Kaiser window, and automated decontamination data streams are available for viewing in real-time and off-line. The software development kit (SDK) allows accurate synchronization and integration of raw, decontaminated and/or Metric data streams to support a range of closed-loop solutions.


    Up to 20 EEG plus one optional ECG channel
    Sampling rate
    Sampling rate 256 samples/second - all channels
    Dynamic Range
    ±1,000 µV
    16 bit
    Input impedance
    500 MΩ typical
    Common mode rejection ration
    -115 dB, typical
    Bandpass characteristics
    0.1 Hz HPF Firmware, 67Hz LPF Hardware
    3 μV peak-to-peak, typical
    Head movement/position
    Angles obtained with 3-axis 12-bit accelerometer
    RF Band
    Bluetooth 2.4 to 2.48 GHz (ISM band), latency < 340ms
    Transmission mode
    USB Bluetooth dongle provided for optimal performance
    Data transmission range
    ~ 10 meters, line of sight with onboard antenna
    Transmission power
    Class 2 +4dBm
    Li-ION batteries capacity
    650 mAh
    Power consumption
    Battery charging
    Via USB cable connected to USB port or USB wall charger
    On-line impedance monitoring
    Initiated by host computer using Bluetooth
    Head unit dimensions
    Size: 2.7”(L) x 1.9”(W) x 0.8”(H); Weight: 2.0 ounces
    User control
    Indicator LEDs


    B-Alert X10 Hardware ManualB-Alert X24 Hardware ManualB-Alert Live Software ManualB-Alert Live Quick Start GuideB-Alert Live Technician Training Video

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