Offline Analysis Software

Offline Analysis Platform

LabX is a highly flexible and comprehensive software suite of analysis tools for all X-Series applications. With a look and feel inspired by MATLAB, the easy-to-use scripting interface and GUI provides efficient means for assessing techniques throughout various forms of EEG analyses. This offline analysis platform supports multi-file batch processing and analysis of 3rd party EDF-format-ted files.

Key Features
  • Custom scripting interface
  • Library of analysis commands developed by ABM research team
  • Multi-file batch processing
  • Advanced Event Related Analyses
  • Support new attention test & emotional faces test
  • Empathy Metrics
  • Frontal Asymmetry Analysis (motivation)
  • Affective State Classifier (X24 only)
  • EEGLab File Conversion
  • F-Measure performance metric combining speed & accuracy
  • Export Errors
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