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Advanced Brain Monitoring is proud to be collaborating with partners all around the world in software and hardware integrations. Our partners work with us to embed our software within their installations, increasing their reach and vastly increasing the number of use cases for our systems. Our authorized distributors allow our systems to have a global reach, with distribution partners that have a presence in nearly all corners of the world.
The iMotions-ABM integration combines Advanced Brain Monitoring’s B-Alert X-Series wireless EEG headsets with iMotions’ multimodal human behavior research platform, enabling users to conduct more advanced research.
  • One computer, one software, multiple modalities
  • Set up studies, collect and analyze data
  • Real-time integration, synchronization, and visualization
  • Sensors from 25+ partners integrated, including the ABM B-Alert X10 and X24 EEG headsets
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Neurons Inc is a consumer neuroscience company that uses our B-Alert X-Series headset along with other tools to better understand and improve the consumer experience. The team at Neurons Inc offer products covering advertising, retail/packaging, website/eCommerce, product experience, R&D, and ad hoc task force.

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For those who already have or plan to purchase BIOPAC equipment, the integration of B-Alert X-Series with AcqKnowledge allows immediate connectivity and integration with their catalogue of products. The AcqKnowledge software is used by thousands of labs around the world and has been cited in thousands of peer reviewed publications.

AcqKnowledge is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, transform, replay, and analyze data.

Perform complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering and analyses using simple pull-down menus and dialogs—no need to learn a programming language or new protocol.

Online analysis settings, filters, and transformations provide real-time feedback, or you can choose from a wide variety of off-line analysis tools. Multiple display options are available during and after acquisition—just click on an icon to flip between Chart, Scope, X/Y, Overlapped segments, Histogram, or FFT.
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With more than 30 years in research and innovation with the know-how of a well-established team of experts, the TEA Group designs, develops and offers a large range of cutting-edge solutions and services for the purpose of understanding human behavior and formalizing their interactions with the real world.

Our B-Alert X-Series is compatible with their CAPTIV NueroLab and CAPTIV Solutions. NeuroLab collects and synchronizes multiple parameters related to emotional states and reactions felt by the human body, in real or virtual situation, still or in action.

CAPTIV Solutions is a software for synchronizing, displaying, analyzing and processing your data: highlight the key points in your study, and integrate them easily into your own reports and documents.
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