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Night Shift

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Vibro-tactile Positional Therapy

The Night Shift is a clinically proven solution for patients with positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA) and snorers.

Worn on the back of the neck, Night Shift begins to vibrate when the users start to back-sleep. The vibration slowly increases in intensity until the user changes positions.

Intelligent Interactive Monitoring

Night Shift is also an intelligent, interactive monitor that measures sleep quality and the frequency of unhealthy loud snoring.

The internet-based Report Portal enables users to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy and its improvements in sleep quality.

Night Shift Report Portal

Print compliance reports and watch training videos

Night Shift reports allow user to:

  • Monitor how efficiently the user slept and the degree of sleep fragmentation
  • Evaluate the interaction between alcohol and loud snoring
  • Assess the association between loud snoring and sleep quality
  • Determine if snoring and poor sleep quality is limited to back-sleeping
  • Track behavioral adaptation to position therapy
  • Compare the effectiveness of other sleep apnea or snoring therapies with and without position therapy

Clinical results have shown:

  • 90% of POSA participants responded to Night Shift therapy
  • The median AHI reduction was 79%
  • Participants had significantly less sleep fragmentation and hypoxemia, and slept more deeply
  • A majority of participants experienced reduced daytime sleepiness and depression symptoms
  • Across participants, the percent of time snoring above 50 dB was significantly reduced

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Signing up is easy and enables you to electronically prescribe Night Shift to your patients (eRx), purchase a Night Shift Starter Kit directly from our web store, and add your practice to the “Find A Physician” map.

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