Sleep Profiler Biomarkers for
Characterization of Neurodegenerative Disorders

40-minute Video Presentation Summarizing Our Biomarker Studies
Links to the studies discussed in the video:
  1. Non-REM sleep with hypertonia in Parkinsonian Spectrum Disorders: A pilot investigation
  2. The accuracy and reliability of sleep staging and sleep biomarkers in patients with Non-REM sleep with hypertonia in isolated REM sleep behavior disorder
  3. Characterization of neurodegenerative disorder groups based on non-REM hypertonia and sleep spindle duration
  4. Sleep spindle-duration: A potential biomarker for neurodegenerative disorder phenotyping
  5. Comparison of EMG power during sleep from the submental and frontalis muscles
  6. The accuracy, night-to-night variability, and stability of frontopolar sleep EEG biomarkers
  7. Effects of deep sedation on sleep in critically ill medical patients on mechanical ventilation
  8. Normal and abnormal stage N3 sleep in patients with cognitive impairment and/or neurodegenerative diseases
  9. Sleep and sleep position: potential implications for patients with neurodegenerative disease
  10. Investigation of sleep metrics in the characterization of neurodegenerative disease
  11. Collapsibility of the internal jugular veins in the lateral decubitus body position: A potential protective role of the cerebral venous outflow against neurodegeneration
  12. A community-based survey of personal perspective regarding prodromal sleep screening for neurodegenerative disorders
  13. Potential role of physicians in addressing the needs of those at-risk of a neurodegenerative disorder – A pilot study