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In-home EEG Sleep Monitor

Sleep Profiler™ EEG Sleep Monitor provides in-home multi-night pre-treatment and post-treatment objective assessment of sleep architecture and sleep continuity for sleep medicine. Real-time sleep monitoring and voice messages ensure patients acquire high quality recordings.

Sleep Profiler includes web-based delivery of validated auto-staged editing and report generation. Full disclosure signals acquired from the forehead provide total time and percentage sleep, REM and SWS, sleep efficiency, total and average number of cortical, sympathetic and behavioral arousals, and the frequency and intensity of snoring.

Monitor Sleep Architecture & Continuity

Multiple Nights in the Home

Continuously in the ICU or Hospital


Key features:

  • 3 channels of frontal EEG
  • Pulse rate and optional ECG
  • Quantitative snoring
  • Head movement and head position
  • Optional sub-mental EMG
  • Up to 16 hours of recording between battery charges
  • USB 2.0 provides data download in a matter of seconds

Sample Sleep Profiler Signals

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