Wireless, easy-to-use, comfortable
EEG Headsets for healthcare professionals.

The Stat X-Series mobile EEG systems offer healthcare professionals cost-effective and practical solutions for on-call and portable EEG in minutes. The headset design enable mobility during recordings, while also minimizing the artifacts and noise typically associated with traditional, wired EEG systems. Standard software and SDK are included to enable the development of applications with the potential to add diagnostic or treatment value.


9 channels of high-quality EEG plus one optional ECG, EOG, EMG, ECG channel
20 channels of high-quality EEG plus one optional ECG, EOG, EMG, ECG channel
    • 10 minute rapid setup
    • Automated wireless impedance checks
    • ESU-MC Bluetooth wireless range up to 10 meters
    • 8+ hour rechargeable battery life
    • On-board accelerometer to quantify head movement and position
    • Data quality monitoring and feedback
    • Sizing to fit adolescent (age 6) throughadult heads
    • Multiple options for data synchronization


    The Stat X-Series System(s) is FDA cleared prescription use or use in IRB approved studies.

    The system can be used in the home, at healthcare facility, or clinical research environment on patients ages 6 and older to acquire EEG, EOG, ECG, and EMG signals.

    The Stat X-Series system only acquires and displays physiological signals, no claims are being made for analysis of the acquired signals with respect to the analyses’ accuracy, precision, and reliability.

    Those interested in developing non-medical EEG applications should consider the B-Alert research EEG systems and their suite of related software.


    Each X-Series system includes acquisition software with functionality including:

    • Acquisition, storage and display of raw data signals
    • Capability for manual event marking and annotation of files
    • Integration with third party event markers using the External Syncing Unit (ESU)
    • Automated delivery of resting state tasks eye open and eyes closed
    • Files saved in European Data Format (EDF)
    • Basic SDK to facilitate programming access to all software functions


    Case Studies

    EEG-Based Biomarkers for HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND)

    Dr. Thomas Marcotte with UCSD’s HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program used the B-Alert systems and the Alertness and Memory Profiler (AMP) to characterize neurocognitive decline in HIV patients. AMP-based EEG metrics were also shown to generalize in predicting performance driving errors on the road for HIV patients and healthy controls. Poster and publication are available upon request.

    Identify Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Distress

    As part of a DARPA funded project to detect and analyze psychological signals, the Advanced Brain Monitoring research team developed a customized, autobiographical stress elicitation tool. B-Alert X24 was applied to collect neurophysiological data from healthy and PTSD-diagnosed subjects under stress, and provided the basis for significant early findings.


    up to 20 EEG plus one optional ECG channel
    Sampling rate
    Sampling rate 256 samples/second - all channels
    Dynamic Range
    ±1,000 µV
    16 bit
    Input impedance
    500 MΩ typical
    Common mode rejection ration
    -115 dB, typical
    Bandpass characteristics
    0.1 Hz HPF Firmware, 67Hz LPF Hardware
    Noise 3 μV peak-to-peak, typical
    Head movement/position
    Angles obtained with 3-axis 12-bit accelerometer
    RF Band
    Bluetooth 2.4 to 2.48 GHz (ISM band), latency < 340ms
    Transmission mode
    Bluetooth SPP 2.0- via USB Dongle or External Syncing Unit
    Data transmission range
    ~ 10 meters, line of sight with onboard antenna
    Transmission power
    Bluetooth Class 2 +4dBm; or with ESU-MC Bluetooth Class 1~ 70 mA @ 3.7 V
    System power consumption
    Standard 2 x Li-ION batteries – 460 mAH, 8-hours of continuous
    Battery capacity
    Optional 4 x Li-ION batteries – 920 mAH, 15-hours of continuous use
    Battery run time
    6 hrs in Bluetooth wireless mode 16 hrs in SD card mode
    Battery charging
    Internally charged with custom cable and USB wall charger
    On-line impedance monitoring
    Initiated by host computer using bi-directional link
    Head unit dimensions
    Size: 5’(L) x 2.25” (W) x 1” (H) Weight: 0.11 kg with standard battery
    User control
    Indicator LEDs
    Frequencies Detected
    Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and High Gamma

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